The Giordano World Without Strangers Charitable Fund (the “WWS Charitable Fund” or the “Fund”) is an independent, locally-registered charity with tax exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

The WWS Charitable Fund is neither funded nor operated by the government. The Fund’s administrative expenses are borne by its largest corporate partner, Giordano, and funds are raised through its own fundraising activities as well as the support and donations from Giordano employees, its business partners and the community at large.

The WWS Charitable Fund allocates funds raised to make a difference for people in need. Past projects have ranged from primary education initiatives involving the printing and distribution of educational materials and stationery, helping remote villages in rural China to achieve sustainable development, supporting local ethnic minority students, meal tickets for the underprivileged, supporting orphans and children with disabilities all the way through to rapid response to individuals who have found themselves in emergency financial crisis for which other sources of help may not be available.

Good governance, accountability and integrity form the bedrock of the Fund.

The Fund’s Board of Directors consist of Dr LAU Peter Kwok Kuen, Chairman and Chief Executive of Giordano, Dr CHAN Ka Wai (Executive Director and COO of Giordano) and Mr Mark Alan LOYND (Executive Director and General Counsel of Giordano).

The daily operations of the Fund are delegated to the Charity Fund Committee, which comprises Dr Chan, Mr Loynd, Ms FUNG Shuk Fun Queenie (Director of Sourcing, Giordano) and Ms ZHANG Rong (Associate Director – Internal Control, Giordano) who also acts as the Fund’s administrator.

Tax deductible receipts are provided for donations of HK$100 or above, and monthly statements are posted on our website detailing funds raised, the names of our donors and the assistance granted to beneficiaries. Donors can, of course, opt to remain anonymous for the purposes of our disclosure.

Thank you for giving generously.

How to donate

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