Acting on our belief in a “World Without Strangers”, the Group actively supports various charitable organizations and causes, in both disaster relief and long-term support.

Project Hope
The Group has been a longstanding supporter of the project’s work in providing children in poverty-stricken rural areas in Mainland China with access to primary school education by funding the construction of a number of Giordano Hope primary schools. Thus far, there had been 22 Giordano Hope primary school completed to the end of 2013.

Charitable apparel
The Group believes that apparel is an effective means to deliver message or express social concerns. Thus, it has launched apparel collections for educational support, environmental awareness, healthcare and society, etc. The Group also partnered with various charitable organizations and donated part or all of the related sales profits to them.

Disaster relief
The Group has made cash and in-kind donations to various charitable organizations, much of which went towards providing emergency relief to victims of natural disasters. The Group also mobilized volunteers from among its staff and affiliates worldwide to donate supplies to aid to the victims.