We are committed to treating our employees with fairness and respect. We believe in co-operation, teamwork, and trust. We hire on the basis of ability and merit, and reward and promote on the basis of performance.

Safety and Health
We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our employees and customers and to eliminating preventable accidents and health hazards in our business locations.

We seek to ensure that our business operations are environmentally friendly. We also work to ensure that our business activities comply with applicable environmental standards, rules and regulations.

Community Involvement
We aim at having a positive impact in the communities where we conduct business. We support and volunteer with selected local charities and organizations, particularly those associated with education, children and the underprivileged.

Ethical Sourcing
We aim to do business with only those suppliers who share similar values and principles as specified here in our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement. We intend to purchase only from those suppliers that meet our Core Ethical Sourcing Requirements and have demonstrated a commitment to improving their standards on labour, health and safety, and environmental practices.