2009/10/16Ming Pao Daily News report of October 13th, 2009;
2009/10/10Dubai Giothon raised over Dh400,000 to aid Philippine typhoon victims;
2009/09/26Giordano Launches “Cheer U Up” Hoodies Collection;
2009/09/25Giordano launches F/W 2009 collection with Park Hae Jin;
2009/09/13Giordano joins SPCA (HK) and Hong Kong’s Top Designers to launch “Tees for Animal Welfare” collection;
2009/08/19Giordano Inaugurates New Design Centre;
2009/07/07Giordano Launches “Cheer U Up2” T-shirt Collection to Pump up Positive Energy in Hong Kong;
2009/06/29Giordano Unveils Brand New Look for Airport Shop;
2009/06/24Giordano Receives Top Service Award;
2009/05/27Giordano Recognized as Best Service Performance Brand in Dubai;
2009/05/07Giordano Releases First Quarter 2009 Operations Update;
2009/04/26Giordano presents “What’s T Today?” Crossover Tee Project;
2009/03/26Giordano Announces 2008 Final Results;
2009/03/04Giordano joins forces with Jim Chim to “Cheer U Up”;
2009/02/26Giordano Unveils New Store in Hong Kong;
2009/02/10Giordano Receives Caring Company Accolade.