2008/12/03Giordano Wins 2008 Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Award;
2008/11/28Giordano wins the Hong Kong Proud Brands Award 2008;
2008/11/20Giordano opens three new stores in India;
2008/11/13Giordano Releases Third Quarter 2008 Operations Update;
2008/10/31BSX records steady growth six months after its launch in Korea;
2008/10/31Giordano Ladies & Giordano Concepts open new stores in Shanghai;
2008/10/28Giordano Wins HKRMA 2008 Service and Courtesy Award at both Junior Frontline and Supervisor Levels;
2008/10/23Giordano wins AmCham’s Hong Kong Brands Awards 2008;
2008/09/30Giordano Opens Flagship Store and Regional Office in Chengdu China;
2008/09/30Giordano Refurbishes Guangzhou Flagship Store;
2008/09/01Giordano Announces 2008 Interim Results;
2008/08/15Giordano opens three new flagship stores in Mainland China;
2008/07/31Giordano Concepts expands network in Mainland China with new stores in Guangzhou;
2008/07/30Giordano supports Flag Day for The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children;
2008/07/03Giordano presents “World Without Strangers – Giordano Tee Project”;
2008/06/30Giordano disposes of its interest in garment manufacturing subsidiary;
2008/06/30Giordano wins Dubai Service Excellence Award;
2008/06/09Giordano launches BSX in the Middle East with first store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2008/06/05Giordano reduces interest in garment manufacturing joint venture;
2008/05/30Giordano stores worldwide to switch to energy saving lights in bid to counter global warming;
2008/05/28Giordano aids cyclone victims in Myanmar;
2008/05/22Giordano Releases First Quarter 2008 Operations Update;
2008/05/21Giordano donates over RMB5.5 million in cash and clothing for emergency relief for victims of the May 12 Sichuan earthquake;
2008/05/19Giordano staff and company makes further donation of HK$700,000 to aid victims of the May 12th Sichuan earthquake;
2008/05/15Giordano opens 19th Giordano Hope Primary School;
2008/05/15Giordano staff and company support May 12th Sichuan earthquake relief;
2008/05/01Giordano “China Wins” T-shirts Redemption a Success;
2008/04/30Giordano Supports the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games With the Launch of the Limited Edition “China Wins” T-shirts;
2008/03/28Giordano Announces 2007 Final Results;
2008/02/22Giordano Concepts Sponsors the 32nd Hong Kong International Film Festival;
2008/01/28Giordano continues expansion in India with new stores in Delhi and Mumbai;
2008/01/05Giordano Ladies & Giordano Concepts Opens New Beijing Store.