Giordano Men & Giordano Women
Launched in 1981, Giordano has been the core brand of the company offering men’s and women’s casual apparel. Our consistent focus on simplicity, quality and service has helped us create the signature Giordano look, featuring relaxed, easy-to-wear fashion pieces that can be really mixed and matched to suit any occasion, mood or place. Its functional innovations such as wrinkle-free shirts and cool tees provide product differentiation and enhanced value for our customers.

Giordano Junior
Giordano Junior offers a wide assortment of colourful, chic and stylish children’s wear. Our designs allow easy mixing and matching to give expression to a young person’s uniqueness and developing individuality. Safety, quality and comfort have been the core values guiding Giordano Junior since its debut in 1998. As such, all our products must undergo stringent quality control checks to ensure that they meet the highest safety and quality standards.

Giordano Ladies
Giordano Ladies, the most upscale among Giordano’s brands, caters to women to impeccable fashion taste. Launched in 1997, its contemporary interpretation of simple, clean, timeless and modern classic designs aims to bring out women’s personality. Distinguished for its store design, superior product quality and intimate customer service, Giordano Ladies has raised the bar for higher-end fashion with new valuable shopping experience.